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EPL News: Tottenham keeps title run, beats Manchester City

By Peter Erick Magbanua@dakelsmb on
Tottenham keep its title hunt in place with their 2-1 win over Manchester City over the weekend. (Photo Courtesy: Paddy Briggs/Wikimedia)

Despite the controversial call in the first half, Tottenham kept their title hopes alive in the English Premier League with their 2-1 win over Manchester City over the weekend.

It was a highly contested match but going into the 52nd minute, Tottenham’s Danny Rose went for a cross kick and hit Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling in the process. Referee Mark Clattenberg called on a handball as Rose’s kick hit Sterling on the elbow, which Clattenberg thought was not tucked close to the body and issued a penalty kick.

Tottenham’s 3rd captain Harry Kane scored on the penalty kick in the 54th minute to give them a 1-0 lead. But hope was not all lost for Manchester City as Gael Clichy’s cross found a running Kelechi Iheanscho, who scored a goal in the 74th minute of play to tie the match at one goal apiece.

However, Tottenham refused to go away silently as Erik Lamela played as a decoy as he dribbled the ball well in the middle of the field and made a perfect pass to Christian Eriksen, who nailed the goal in the 83rd minute.

Manchester City could have scored a draw but David Silva’s late slide went over the goal frame ending the match in favor with the Spurs.

Eriksen’s goal gave them the win and just two points from league leader Leicester City in the team standings and a tie with Arsenal while Manchester City falls to 47 points just six points ahead of embattled Manchester United.

The Spurs will take a fitting break as they prepare for their match against Swansea on February 28 while Manchester City will try to bounce back as they take on Liverpool on March 2.

Photo Courtesy: Paddy Briggs/Wikimedia

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