FIFA 17 Strategy Guide: Instant maximum speed and other tricks in Journey mode

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FIFA 17 is one of the most popular and exciting soccer simulation game there is. It is making it more exciting by offering the Journey mode where players can live their FIFA dreams through the main character named Alex Hunter. There are some secret details in Journey mode that make the gameplay richer and more exciting.

Players should be careful to balance Alex Hunter’s personality because it affects the progression and outcome of the story. Choosing the fiery personality will increase Alex’s popularity and increase his fan base. However, it will cause a rift between him and his manager. On the other hand, choosing the cool personality creates the opposite effect. In order to succeed in Journey mode, players need to balance Alex’s relationship with his fans and manager.

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FIFA 17 players know that it takes around three to four dribbles before they can acquire maximum speed. However, the Journey mode has a speed glitch that will give maximum players after performing just one dribble. It can be done by simply pressing RT and R2 while making a fake shot and aiming it forward in any direction you want. This trick will also allow Alex to score goals continuously.

Saving every progress in the game is very important in Journey mode especially if Alex fails the exit trial. When this happens, the coach tells him to leave the game but it’s not a cause of worry because the game will just let players load a previously saved game to have another shot at success.

The game also gives Alex an Ultimate Team Card which you have to unlock by either completing the challenges or finishing the whole Journey. There are no tips yet which of the two actions will lead to the Ultimate Team Card but those two are the most likely bet.

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Also, FIFA 17 has multiple endings depending what decisions players will take and how they play the game. (Spoiler) One ending is kind of sad because Alex gets traded after a series of underperformances.

FIFA 17 Journey tells the story of Alex Hunter, who comes from a family of footballers. His ultimate wish is to become a football great like his father and grandfather.

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