Five new rules in football will improve fair play during Euro 2016 and beyond

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Euro 2016 is going to witness five new rule changes in football. David Elleray, the referee-turned-rule maker, has announced the latest changes in the rulebook of football. Elleray, who led the International Football Association Board’s review, announced the changes at Wembley on 9th of this month, ahead of the European Championships this summer. It is expected that these changes will make the game much fairer and pose a challenge to the games’ natural beneficiaries. The rules will certainly prevent bad games, but will not alter your football betting odds at William Hill.

Pre-match Red Cards

The most interesting and positive rule amended is sending off a player even before the match starts. According to this rule, a player can be sent off at any moment after the referee enters for the pre-match inspection. This rule will help suppressing any public face-off of the players, such as the recent Keane-Vieira incident. Certainly, no team will be willing to start a player down.

Introducing Triple Punishment

“Triple punishment” will show a red card to the players who prevent obvious goal-scoring opportunities while remaining in the opposition’s penalty area. This can end up with a suspension, as well. Triple Penalty will actually work in phases; as from June 1, the red card will be downgraded to a yellow card for such offenses. However, other serious offenses, such as handball, grappling, and violent conduct still qualify for a red card.

Backwards-Passing Build-up Play

The match can be started with a backward pass”. This can be viewed as backwards-passing build-up play rule that is intended to stop the despondent strikers to resume playing only by passing forwards. You can expect the opening match between France and Romania kick off on June 10, with a backwards pass. This is viewed as the kickoffs backwards rule changes.

New Penalties for Old Tricks

Players will no longer be able to try their favorite tricks of hoodwink goalkeepers with a dummy kick or diving preemptively one-way that visibly humiliate the goalkeeper. Players will now earn a yellow card for such actions. Experts name Lionel Messi a strong culprit of such actions. Hopefully, this rule will eliminate those early dives off the line.

Water Breaks

Most of the World Cup and European Championship matches are played during hot and humid seasons. Many players find themselves swallowing empty mouths, looking out for water, and ultimately giving in to the difficult conditions. But now, drink breaks are allowed in very hot and humid conditions. England can take the most of the benefit of this rule and we will no more see Wayne Rooney turning like a hot sausage put on the red light of a lava lamp.

Football is a game full of controversies and utter level of tension. For years, many rules have been amended and changed to make the game simpler, fairer and make it difficult for players who cheat in names of weak rules and ignorance. The recently announced rule changes are aimed at improving fair play and bring in transparency in the game.

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