German goalkeeper gets arrested after a 43-0 loss; Details revealed

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German goalkeeper
Photo courtesy: Giampaolo Squarcina/Flickr

German goalkeeper Marco Kwiotek experienced a bizarre arrest from the police after he allegedly threw away a football match. The shot stopper from SV Vonderort allegedly conceded 43 goals in one match against their local rivals PSV Oberhausen.

According to CBS Sports, Kwitotek allowed 43 goals, 35 of which were scored in the first half alone. Things got even more interesting when the rival team removed three of its players to try to even out Kwitotek’s team, which only has 8 players at that time.

Police approached the 25-year old German goalkeeper at the team’s training facility about 30 miles north of Dusseldorf in Bottrop, western Germany. According to sources, as he was led off the pitch and Kwiotek called out to his teammates and said that the cops “just want to clear some things up”.

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The Sun said that Vonderort’s trainer Yvonne Liesenfeld received about 500 messages of support on Facebook since her team’s whipping.

“I don’t know what is going on with the police,” She said. “First he lets in 43 goals and then he gets taken away by the law.”

The club managing director, Christian Schröer also stated: “We are in the dark. The police won’t tell us what happened and we cannot reach Marco on his mobile. Hopefully he will be back for the next game.”

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A source reported that Vonderort is a new team that ‘largely is made up of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Guinea’. It could be a racial issue or could be that the German goalkeeper was arrested for some crime he did in the past.

As of this writing, there are no updated stories about Kwitotek’s arrest.

Photo courtesy: Giampaolo Squarcina/Flickr

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