James Rodriguez continues to Copa America despite shoulder injury

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Colombia winger James Rodriguez will need a shoulder surgery after getting injured in Colombia’s 2-0 win against the United States at the Copa America 2016.

Rodriguez fell and dislocated his shoulders during the second half of Colombia’s game against the U.S last Friday, June 3.

Speculations were made that the midfielder will not be able to play in Colombia’s game against Paraguay because of the injury, but the  Real Madrid star made his way to the pitch last Tuesday and lead the  Los Cafeteros to a 2-1 victory against Paraguay with his second goal assisted by Edwin Cardona- even with an aching shoulder.

Colombia coach Jose Pekerman have said that Rodriguez’s recovery before the match last Tuesday was good and that he was never really cut out from the Colombia line-up.

Pekerman has also confirmed that the 24-year-old will be needing a shoulder surgery as the injury could come back and that the Colombian team has already informed Real Madrid about Rodriguez’s situation.

“He had a good recovery in all aspects, and today in the morning, we knew he was going to play,” stated Pekerman.

James Rodriguez’s desire to play also was a big contribution in making him join the lineup last Tuesday. He said that “When you have the desire, everything is easier,” but cleared that he is still careful because the shoulders are exposed.

Fans remain hopeful that James Rodriguez would recover well and be able to play at Colombia’s game against Costa Rica on Saturday at Houston.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/ James Rodriguez

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