Javier Hernandez not given enough chances by Real Madrid and Manchester United

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While on his successful season at Bayer Leverkusen, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez talked about the chances that were not given to him on his stay at Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Chicharito was signed by Manchester United on 2010, and stayed at Old Trafford for 5 years, where he was mostly kept on the bench and was considered a “super-sub.” When Louis van Gaal became United’s boss, Chicharito only made two appearances before being sent on loan to the Spanish Giants, Real Madrid.

However, things did not become better for him on his stay at Santiago Bernabeu. Under the then Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti, Chicharito was still a super sub and was mostly kept on the bench, playing as a substitute in the 16 games of his 23 La Liga outings. He was sent back to Manchester United after his loan spell.

The “little pea” was then signed by German club Bayer Leverkusen, where he was given more play time, starting at 25 of his 28 league appearances, and scored 17 goals for the club.

In his interview with FourFourTwo Magazine, Chicharito said that he could have achieved what he did in Leverkusen in both Manchester United and Real Madrid, but he was not given enough chance.

“I never had the chance to play 20 games in a row so people could say: ‘He’s a good player who should stay’ or ‘He can’t be the star – he’s not a good player.” said Chicharito.

The Mexican striker said that the difference is Bayer Leverkusen wanted him on the pitch, while his two other former clubs did not.

He also said that the reason he was not aggressive in asking the two former clubs for more play time is because he isn’t like that and that he only treats other people the way he wants them to treat him.

“You don’t need to be arrogant to achieve things.” said Chicharito.

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