Lionel Messi to move to Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, grand reunion possible

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For a football club in need of significant wins, Manchester City will surely do anything just to bring a reliable football superstar like Lionel Messi over to Etihad Stadium. It is now being rumored that though Man City is willing to wait for Messi to depart from Barca, they may hasten and possibly win the heart of Messi as they would be using Pep Guardiola as leverage.

It has been previously reported via ESPN that Pep Guardiola will be the upcoming manager of The Sky Blues replacing Manuel Pellegrini. And with such move, it is expected that significant changes at the club will observe, including the possible shot for Messi’s service in the City.

“It is being reported that City have no plans to try to lure the Argentina forward to the Premier League, but if he ever decides to leave, City will be at the head of the queue.

The imminent arrival of manager Guardiola has already seen an immediate impact in the calibre of players they can hope to attract since the club announced on Feb. 1 that he would be taking change,” Jonathan Smith, a Man City Correspondent, shared via ESPN.

The notion of drawing Messi to depart from Camp Nou and transfer to the Premier League using the influence of former FC Barcelona in charge Pep Guardiola is entirely plausible. If you were to consider the achievements of the Argentine forward during the time of Guardiola in Barcelona, both have made history together.

“Messi thrived when Guardiola was in charge at Barcelona when the club won three La Liga titles and two Champions Leagues,” Smith reported via ESPN.

Aside from attracting Messi and pull off a grand reunion in the City, it has also been reported in a separate article of Smith via ESPN that the arrival of the new manager is somehow attracting other talents from different football clubs.

“It is being widely reported that the Spaniard has already received calls from leading players asking if they can join him at the Etihad next season,” Smith added.

Though Messi’s contract with the FC Barcelona is still good up to 2018, it is expected that early offer for extension would be given. And by that time, the speculations mentioned in this article would either be validated or falsified, depending on Leo Messi’s decision.

Photo Courtesy: RAS7/ Youtube

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