Louis van Gaal says Manchester United’s ‘fighting spirit’ led them pass Arsenal

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Looks like Louis van Gaal has weathered the storm perfectly and credited Manchester United’s display of “fighting spirit” in their 3-2 victory over arch-rival Arsenal in the English Premier League.

The Dutchman told reporters during the post-game interview that Manchester United displayed awesome defense against Arsenal and that the fans at Old Trafford also made a huge impact in the player’s morale.

“Most of all I credit the fighting spirit of the team to bring this result until the end. You could see it also in our defense and it was great to be in Old Trafford again. Not only for the fans but also for the players with the fantastic result,” van Gaal said.

In a separate interview with BeanymanSports, van Gaal stated that he was pleased with the player’s performance and the result, crediting the players pressing the ball even though it was risky. But all in all, van Gaal was all praise to his players on being able to surpass a tough match and showing a lot of confidence in their game.

“We are playing against one of the best teams in the Premier League and when you can with such ambition and performance. We had a god result before half time and I change the shape of the game and we did very good. We never give chances away. We scored the third goal and we could have scored more. So, I am very pleased with the performance,” van Gaal added.

He also credited the performance of United young star Markus Rashford, whose Premier League debut will always be remembered for having scored two goals in their win against Arsenal.  Rashford is also the youngest Manchester United player to ever score two goals in European football when they met FC Midtylland in the Europa League.

“I’m not surprised by his performance that is why we have a small selection to give youngsters a chance otherwise with a wide selection then you cannot give these youngsters a chance and I have done that with all my clubs and you can see that these youngsters play their first match very good. But Markus did good in his two games and he has a special talent,” van Gaal explained.

On the other hand, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger stated that they had a lot of possessions of the ball but failed to convert on them and trailing 2-0 at the end of the first half was a difficult task and changing their game plan would have been a gamble.

“I felt we had a lot of the ball, a lot of possession, but we were off course because of the two quick goals against us. It was difficult to change plans and take a gamble and when your opponent is up three goals it is difficult to catch up and win the game,” Wenger said.

Manchester United will then next face Watford on March 3 while Arsenal will lay down their frustrations against Swansea City.

Photo Courtesy: Paul Blank/Wikimedia

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