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Manchester United bomb scare caused by training device, Bournemouth match moved on May 17

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Old Trafford (Photo Courtesy: Latest World Headlines/YouTube)

The final league fixture for Manchester United against AFC Bournemouth was abandoned following a bomb scare at Old Trafford.

According to ESPN, police and security staff helped evacuate the stadium around the scheduled kickoff of 3 p.m. on Sunday. The Greater Manchester Police was alerted by people who found a suspicious-looking item in the comfort room of the North West Quadrant between the Sir Alex Ferguson stand and the Stretford End.

After a bomb disposal team carried out a controlled explosion, it was found that the item was just a dummy device from a training exercise. Nonetheless, the bomb scare caused a lot of problems to all people involved but it was better to be safe than sorry.

However, Greater Manchester Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd wants an urgent inquiry of the so-called “fiasco.” He said that the incident was “unacceptable” and he would like to know who will be held accountable for it.

“This fiasco caused massive inconvenience to supporters who had come from far and wide to watch the match, wasted the time of huge numbers of police officers and the army’s bomb squad, and unnecessarily put people in danger,” Lloyd told BBC.

Manchester United is offering a refund to all tickets from both clubs while season ticket holders will be receiving a credit. The whole bomb scare incident at Old Trafford will cost United around £3 million.

On the other hand, Bournemouth is expected to make an arrangement with their supporters who traveled to Manchester on Sunday. The Cherries have avoided relegation this campaign and now sits 16th on the EPL table.

Manchester United vs. Bournemouth was re-scheduled on May 17, Tuesday. United is still has a chance to dethrone Manchester City for the fourth and final Champions League spot. However, the Red Devils have to score an improbable 19 goals against the Cherries.

Photo Courtesy: Latest World Headlines/YouTube

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