Manchester United News: Wayne Rooney victim of football culture in England, Jose Mourinho reveals

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Photo courtesy: Ian C/Wikimedia

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho will be heading into his biggest game of the season when the Red Devils visit Stamford Bridge to play against Chelsea. Before the crucial encounter, the Portuguese manager shredded some light on club captain Wayne Rooney’s recent decline and where his career is heading.

“I think in this country it happens to everyone, it is just your nature, you build people, you kill people, you build again and you destroy again! And I think it is just the nature of the business, especially in football.” Mourinho said, as reported by Sky Sports.

The 53-year-old also stressed on the fact that playing Rooney constantly out of his own position has done a lasting damage on the England captain.

“He cannot be jumping from No 6 to No 9, or No 9 to No 10, or No 9 to No 6. For me, he is an attacking player. What is an attacking player for me? For him, a 9 or 10.” The former Chelsea, Real Madrid managed added.

Mourinho believes that the constant fiddling with Rooney’s position by several managers have created a doubt in the player’s head. This has led to the 30-year-old doubting his own capabilities and failing to focus on what is required of him.

The lack of confidence was evident in United’s Europa League encounter against Fenerbahce, last Thursday. The Red Devils were awarded two consecutive penalties in a span of 5 minutes. Generally, Rooney is United’s regular penalty taker. However, on Thursday night, the responsibilities were shared by Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial.

There have been several rumors related to the future of Wayne Rooney at Manchester United. It has been stated that Mourinho will be selling the United and England skipper when the next summer transfer window arrives.

Mourinho was quick to mention that there will never come a time when he has to decide the future of Rooney at United. The England international is a United great and has played more than 500 games wearing the badge. He has also scored nearly 250 goals for the Red Devils. If there comes a time to take the decision of ending Rooney’s career, the player himself will be the one to make it.

“I will never make that decision. A player of his stature, a player of his history in the club will never go to point where club or manager want to make that decision for him.” Mourinho stated.

Photo courtesy: Ian C/Wikimedia

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