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Barcelona forward Neymar won’t stop his partying lifestyle

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The 24-year-old forward out of Brazil, who also plays for Barcelona in Spain, just can’t stop his partying lifestyle. Neymar may have a reason for doing so since he is a quality player on the pitch.

According to Roger Gonzalez of CBSSPORTS, the Barcelona star is not only focused on winning a gold medal. He is also keen on going to parties. This was affirmed when the star was seen going out with celebrities like Serena Williams.

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Beside his off-field issues, he gained heavy criticisms regarding his behavior outside his playing duties.

The Brazilian forward also drew flak when he made a controversial Instagram post. He said in his post that the detractors of his team could “go to hell”. His response was made after Brazil’s early exit from Copa America.

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Neymar insists that he would not stop his lifestyle based on the following statements he made.

“I think you have to start by looking at what I do on the pitch”, Neymar said during a Tuesday press conference, per Reuters. The moment I am off the field it’s my personal time, and I like to go out and have fun with my friends”, Neymar added.

He also stated that he has his own private life that is why there is no reason for him to be restricted.

“I am well aware what my duties are the next day, and I am going to keep going out and I don’t see anything wrong with that”, Neymar further added. The Brazilian reasoned that at his young age, he is getting a huge amount of money. He argued that every single person like him would just do the same lifestyle.

Those are strong words coming from the budding young star out of Brazil.

Soccer fans are just hoping that his recent issues would not affect his popular playing style in the field.

Photo courtesy: Ronnie Macdonald/Flickr

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