On blocking Mathieu Debuchy’s move to Manchester United: “You don’t loan players to rivals,” says Wenger

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger steps once again in the limelight, this time defending his decision not to loan Mathieu Debuchy to Manchester United, citing that a team can loan a player to teams that does not have resources and not to direct rivals.

In a pre-match press conference, Wegner admitted to have blocked the move to send the French right-back player and was event surprised that the Old Trafford-based team decided to make the move on their player.

“I hope that’s not surprising to you. It’s true. I stand up for that. There was nothing shocking in that. If Man United wants to buy a player‚ you loan players out to clubs who do not have the resources but not to direct opponents. I was surprised, yes [that United tried]. I can understand it but I found it logical [to block the loan],” Wenger said.

However, Wenger’s decision did not sit well with Debuchy, who sees playing with Manchester United as “magnificent,” since the team came to talk with his agents. He told French Canal Plus that he was annoyed by Wenger decision since he was promised of a playing time with the Gunners but was instead set aside for Hector Bellerin.

“Yes, I’m a little bit annoyed by him (Wenger). It’s his choice (not to give him playing time). I came back well this summer, I had a good preseason. I was able to talk to him to know my future at Arsenal. He said that I would have game time and that we would discuss it in December. Unfortunately, I didn’t have this game time,” Debuchy added.

Debuchy also said that Bellerin, who replaced him due to injuries, is a good player, but he should have been given the chance to prove his worth to the squad.

“Yes, he’s good. I can’t deny it, that’s sure, but I thought I could also fit in as a starter. But that’s the way it is,” Debuchy explained.

The 30-year old French national players plays for Bordeaux on a loan from Arsenal. He joined Arsenal in 2014 from Newcastle. He plays in the right back position, but began his career as a midfielder usually acting as a deep-lying playmaker.

Photo Courtesy: Ronnie Macdonald/Wikimedia

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