Chelsea forward Pedro Rodriguez eyes return to Barcelona

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After almost a year after his move from FC Barcelona to the Premiere club Chelsea, Pedro Rodriguez admits that he wants to return to the club where he spent most of his career.

Pedro left the La Liga giants on August 20,2015 for Premiere League champions Chelsea after the arrival of Luis Suarez from Liverpool left him little time to play.

He was first linked to another Premiere league club  Manchester United but eventually ended up with their rival with a $23,000 deal saying the club was the one that showed the most interest in having him.

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It has also been a disappointment when he left Barca for Chelsea because ex-Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho , who had issues and a troubled past with Barca, was then the boss of the Premiere club.

He explained that he is aware of the issue but Mourinho was able to convince him and that he is not really transferring to Chelsea for Mourinho, but to be able to live in London and to share locker rooms with his friends in the club.

However, after only a year in the Premiere club, Pedro seemed to change his mind and wants to come back to the La Liga scene.

He mentioned in an interview with BEinSport that he has already talked to Josep Maria Bartomeu, FC Barcelona’s President during the Copa del Rey final and to the other people who wants him back in the Catalan side about his desire to come back.

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He also said that it was very hard for him to leave Barcelona because he felt appreciated by the fans, but he was left with no choice but to leave because he felt like he was not given enough chances to play anymore.

“It’s complicated, but I’ve always said that I would have like to retire at Barcelona. However, I know it’s difficult because the years go by and the club has the best players in the world, it is a very demanding club and to return is complicated. But I do not rule it out either.” said Pedro.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/ Pedro Rodriguez

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