Premier League title is Chelsea’s to lose, Arsene Wenger says

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has accepted that Chelsea are the clear favorites to win the Premier League title this season. However, the Frenchman has also warned The Blues that the title is theirs to loose.

“At the moment Chelsea are the super-favourites because they are quite big and made a big difference. But it is theirs to lose as we say here in England. They can still lose it, at the moment they have won it but they can still lose it.” Wenger said, as reported by Sky Sports.

Chelsea currently sit six points clear at the top of the Premier League table followed by Liverpool. The Blues have won 12 consecutive matches to stake their claim at the league title. They are currently one game behind Arsenal’s 15-year-old record.

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Antonio Conte, Chelsea’s manager has managed to turn things around after his side succumbed to a 3-0 defeat to Arsenal in September. The Italian changed the formation of his side which has resulted in some breathtaking form and results.

Chelsea are currently nine points ahead of Arsenal as they host Stoke City in the New Year’s Eve Premier League encounter. Wenger has hence conceded that The Blues are currently in the driving sit to win the title.

“They have addressed their problems well. You have to give credit to Conte to find a solution that has balanced well his team.” Wenger added, according to Express.

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Arsenal won 13 consecutive matches in the 2001-02 season in their road to winning the Premier League title. The Gunners extended the run to 14 in the following season.

Wenger admitted that he will congratulate Conte and Chelsea should they manage to break his single-season run record.

“If they do it, you can only say ‘well done’. Record are there to be beaten and if somebody does better than you, you have to acknowledge it and say ‘well done’.” Wenger stated.

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Photo courtesy: Ronnie Macdonald/

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