Soccer News: Frank Lampard tallies first hat trick in NYCFC history

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Soccer News: Frank Lampard tallies first hat trick in NYCFC history

Frank Lampard clears all doubts surrounding his transfer to NYCFC and does so in emphatic fashion. He gets his first hat trick in his MLS career and the first one in his club’s history.

The Englishman’s transfer to MLS has been tagged as one of worst signings ever in league history. And true enough, he has not contributed much to his club’s campaign last season. In their 2015 run, he appeared in 10 matches and managed to score only 3 goals. Definitely not the kind of performance that you would expect from a former Ballon d’Or contender.

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Now, things have taken quite a turn for Lampard as he gets back his groove. In a win against Colorado, which is led by USMNT star goalkeeper Tim Howard no less, Lampard put together a historic performance for NYCFC. The English midfielder keyed in a hat-trick in a match against one of the highly regarded keepers in MLS.

It’s the first one in his young MLS career. But a historic first ever for NYCFC.

Lampard’s first goal came in 28 minutes into the match. The Colorado defense was in shambles, Diego Martinez crossed the ball into the box, and Lampard finished the job. The next goal was at the 81st minute when Jack Harrison broke free following Lampard’s quick pass. The two were immediately in transition. With minimal defenders in the vicinity, Lampard capitalized on Harrison’s timely assist. The third was a penalty kick a couple of minutes later.

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Currently, Lampard and his club are on a roll. They are surprisingly on top of the MLS Eastern Conference with 33 points in 22 games. Lampard has contributed a sum of eight goals in the club’s last eight games, proving he can still be an ace even at 38.

Photo courtesy: Ultraslansi/Wikimedia Commons

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