Arsenal Transfer Rumors: Wenger giving up bid, Jamie Vardy stays with Leicester

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Jamie Vardy
Photo courtesy: Jamie Vardy/Wikimedia

Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has confirmed that top Leicester player Jamie Vardy will stay with his club.

“Jamie Vardy is, at the moment, at Leicester and from what I know, he will stay at Leicester,” Wenger told the Chinese TV station, 90th min, in an interview. Arsenal first made the bid for the Leicester forward to make the switch earlier this month. Arsenal has opened the negotiation with Vardy for the amount of £20 million.

Manchester United also took an interest in Jamie Vardy but prioritized signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Earlier this year, Jamie Vardy has signed another contract in February. The contract will keep him with his club for another three and a half years.

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Jamie Vardy and Leicester ran away with an unexpected Premiere League championship. The 29-year-old striker also played his best season. Last year, he scored a total of 13 goals for 11 games.

Before the Premiere League championship, the club was the least likely to take the trophy home. Leicester had a 5000-1 odds of winning the Premiere League.

Meanwhile, Jamie Vardy has elected to concentrate on his Euro 2016 performance for England.

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“There is only one thing I want to do here and that is play football to the best of my ability. If I let things start distracting me, I’m not going to be able to do that, which will jeopardise the team as well. So everything has been completely blanked out except for England, England, England,” Vardy said to The Guardian.

It seems that his concentration is paying off. Jamie Vardy continues to contribute in a positive note for England. He also remains one of the top scorers in the Euro 2016 with four goals made for England.

Photo courtesy: Jamie Vardy/Wikimedia

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