World Cup Qualifiers: Lionel Messi is a “flogged horse”; Brazil “Trump” Argentina 3-0

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World Cup Qualifiers: Lionel Messi is a “flogged horse”; Brazil "Trump" Argentina 3-0
Image courtesy: Agência Brasil/ Wikimedia Co

No team fears Lionel Messi anymore, that’s for sure. Confidence and faith are big things when it comes to performing on the field. The field, the fans, the score sheet, and overall, the whole day did not belong to ‘messy’ Argentina, as they were thumped convincingly by Brazil in the supposedly high-voltage World Cup Qualifier match in Belo Horizonte. For Lionel Messi and his men, the match was nothing short of a catastrophe.

Messi, who returned after “deceiving” his fans into believing that he has retired, had a tough time negotiating the spotters, even as the match exposed his fragile mental strength. Despite a few break-ins and spot kicks, he failed to impress the fans. For now, it seems his mind can’t take it all. Bruised and injured, his image has taken a beating since he announced his retirement from football after shameful defeat to Chine in the Copa America final.

Video courtesy: NugoBasilaiaa/ YouTube

Struggling with his own demons, Argentinean legend Lionel Messi was “struck hard” by the Brazilian fury very early in the game. Strikes into the net by Philippe Coutinho, Neymar and Paulinho ensured that the Samba Boys stay on top with 24 points from 11 matches. Well, the fans all over the world must have got used to the consistent failure of the Argentinean team at major events since 1990.

Messi and Argentina are in evident danger. After 11 matches in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification tiebreakers, Argentina has managed to score only 4 wins so far. Currently placed in 6th position, the Blue Stripes will play 3rd placed Colombia on Tuesday and then against their recent floggers Chile, the Copa America Champions.

Chicken heads… that’s what it looked like on the defense for Argentina as they failed to hold back in Brazil. But the painful thing in the match was Lionel Messi, who was moving like a leaking truck. The credit obviously goes to the Brazilian coach. Playing from right, Messi hardly made inroads as the ball rolled mostly from the left. After the match, Coach Tite dedicated the win to Carlos Alberto who died of a heart attack in October. The match is redemption for the Brazilians played in a stadium where they witnessed their worst defeat, 1-7 drubbing of Germany at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Argentina stares at an automatic exit from the 2018 FIFA World Cup if it fails to qualify in Top-4. Will Messi retire again? Or will he take a break again using the alibi of a groin injury that fails to heal every time Argentina is “Trumped” by other teams!

Image courtesy: Agência Brasil/ Wikimedia Commons

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