NFL News: Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco willing to sacrifice and restructure contract

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Flacco might restructure his contract with the Ravens

Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens prioritizes winning over financial gains as the veteran quarterback stated in a recent interview that he’s willing to restructure his upcoming contract to help the team.

“Come on, I want to win, so I want to do everything we can to get something done,” Flacco shared to WBAL Radio. “I don’t know exactly what that is or exactly what that’s going to be because we haven’t talked about it yet. But I know that that’s a huge number and it’s not really realistic.”

An ESPN report notes the Ravens could save nearly $10 million in their salary cap space if Flacco reworks his deal in Baltimore. The extra money could be used to sign other NFL free agents to help upgrade the squad, which missed the playoffs this season after finishing 5-11 in the regular season.

Flacco stated that he is open to “doing something” with regards to his contract, which currently will pay him $18 million to $20 million each year in the next three years if the deal is not restructured.

Flacco, who signed a $120 million deal over six years in 2013 with the Ravens, remained committed to Baltimore saying that it is the team he wants play for and win in his career.

Flacco, who is already 31 years old and who will be playing in his ninth season in the NFL, remains one of the top quarterbacks in the league. He logged in 2,791 passing yards on 266-of-413 passes (64.4% completion percentage) with 14 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in 10 games in the the 2015-2016 NFL Season.

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