NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Durant to New York Knicks? OKC superstar jumping ship to the Big Apple in free agency a possibility

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant playing for the New York Knicks next season? That is a possibility with Durant’s connection with the Knicks franchise and team members.

According to the New York Post, Durant is still very close with some members of the Knicks coaching staff led by head coach Derek Fisher, who is Durant’s former teammate with the Thunder from 2013 to 2014. The report added that Knicks assistant coaches Briane Keefe, Joshua Longstaff and David Bliss are also “familiar” with Durant.

The Durant-New York connections could lead the star forward to at least consider the Knicks when he hits free agency after the 2015-2016 NBA Season. Durant is expected to sign a new lucrative contract after the current season with teams like the Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Lakers expected to lure away Durant from the Thunder.

A recent statement by Durant on Tuesday before his Thunder faced the Knicks also fueled more speculations that the OKC star might consider New York as his next NBA home. In previous months, Durant stated that he won’t be talking about the 2016 free agency again until the end of the season and that he wants to concentrate in the Thunder’s campaign this season.

“They link everybody with New York City. It’s one of the greatest cities in the world. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a great city. Great place to visit, great place to live, I’m sure. But they link everybody, not just me,” Durant said in another NY Post article.

Meanwhile, current NY franchise player Carmelo Anthony was also about Durant and the upcoming free agency of the one of the top players in the league.

“Right now, I haven’t talked to him to see where he’s at, what he’s thinking. I know him as a person. I don’t think he’s thinking about it right now. Of course, it’s on anybody’s mind. You have your days where you think about it, and you have your days where you don’t think about it,” Anthony said.

Anthony, who is considered one of the NBA players who is close to Durant, also added that the OKC superstar is lucky that he’s in Oklahoma city and that he does not “have to worry about [free agency]” compared to being a big market team like New York.

Meanwhile, Durant and the Thunder defeated the Anthony’s Knicks, 128-122 in overtime on Tuesday. Durant finished with a season-high 44 points and 14 rebounds to lead OKC to their eighth win in the last nine games.

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