AFL Grand Final 2015: 60,000 Tickets Held from Fans?

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In a bid to give AFL back to the fans, members of the competing teams have urged the state to step in to reserve 60,000 tickets for the fans.

Apparently, the push came from Victorian Greens’ MP Sam Hibbins, who called on the state government to use its power in restructuring the ticket allocation to club members and AFL’s ticketing schemes.

The news was first reported by The Age and quoted Hibbins saying, “There is so much emphasis on buying a club membership and how important that is, so it is reasonable that club members are prioritised on grand final day. Our plan would see more loyal AFL club members being able to attend footy’s biggest day and be a boon for Victoria’s economy in the event of an all interstate grand final. Club members are the lifeblood of our footy clubs and they should be prioritised come grand final day”.

The Age also added the role of fans association backing the plan. President Gerry Eeman felt that it was a shame that the request had to come from a politician not the AFL.

Out of the 100,000 seat capacity at the MCG, club members of the competing teams are entitled to 30,000 tickets and the president Eeman felt that the fans would be happy and grateful to see such a change.

The Border Mail also carried a piece on the ongoing issue and stated that the AFL has to get approval from the Minister for Sport, John Eren, for its final ticketing scheme under the Victorian Laws. The Minister for Tourism and Major Events could also make changes to the ticket schemes for big events like the AFL grand final.

Mr. Eren felt that the tickets should be distributed as fairly as possible for such sporting events which would also leave scope for the clubs to collect revenue and meet corporate demands.

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