Boxing: Amir Khan to fight Floyd Mayweather for free?

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Amir Khan

Amir Khan and Floyd Mayweather fighting against each other inside the ring.

How does that sound?

Amir Khan is all gearing up for his next fight against Mexican Canelo Alvarez. Their fight is scheduled for May 7 in Las Vegas.

The match has already created lots of interest. Canelo has only been beaten once in his career. Floyd Mayweather beat Canelo by a majority decision in September 2013.

Khan on the other hand, is moving up to 155lbs to fight Alvarez.

Surely, the fight is going to be a tear-breaking one.

Meanwhile, Amir has already landed himself a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Don’t believe us?

Well, few weeks back we reported that Amir has challenged Mayweather for a fight.

“I shut him up and put him in his place. I said if you want to fight, I’m here. Take away Manny Pacquiao and the last people you’ve fought, I’m a bigger name than them. It would make a lot of money,” Khan added. “He started screaming but I didn’t understand half of what he was saying.”

And now Khan has thrown another shade to Mayweather.

Amir recently said that he was so serious for a fight with Mayweather that he would have fought Mayweather for free.


That’s not enough then Amir said that Mayweather is afraid of him.

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Amir Khan challenges Floyd Maywather:’I shut him up and put him in his place’

TMZ reports that Khan was willing to fight Mayweather for free but Mayweather is showing no interest because he is “afraid”.

TMZ caught Khan Pebble at the Beach for the Pro-Am when he revealed the failed negotiations between him and Mayweather.

Amir’s opponent Alvarez has already planned his next fight with Gennady Golovkin for later this year. When TMZ asked Khan about this Khan said that Alvarez is making a huge mistake.

Does then Khan think that he can defeat Alvarez?

Well, only time will tell.

Photo Courtesy: IBTimes

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