Anderson Silva gives advice to Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey is most probably at the lowest point in her life after losing her title to Holly Holm at UFC 193. One thing for sure, she will try to find strength through people that matter to her and former UFC champion, Anderson Silva is one of the people could relate to her.

In Silva’s career, he was also dubbed as an unstoppable fighter during his prime until his defeat against Chris Weidman. Not once, but twice! One even ended with a gruesome injury that almost forced Silva to retirement. Yet, despite the odds, Silva returned. He won but after a few days, the fight was ruled a “no contest” due to an issue that he took PEDs before the fight. But still… Silva wants to return to the octagon.

In Silva’s Instagram account, he left this note to Ronda Rousey:

“Our biggest glory doesn’t live in the fact of never fall down, but in the fact of we always stand up after each fall,” said Silva.

“With determination, You will over come this bad time. I know very well how it is. You deserve the best of this world.

“Hold this experience with intelligence and don’t blame yourself. You had a big lesson of this sport. With class you will transform this happiness in something better to your personal and professional life, because the world was made for people like you, a winner.”

“With determination you will overcome everything that is happening to you. This time not quite know how. You are a great athlete and transcends the world of MMA, my kids love you. So do not forget, fall serves to stand up stronger and wiser. You deserve all the best. Nobody is unbeatable, we all have losses and they serve to strengthen us.

“Anyway, I wish you peace and patience. You had one of the greatest lessons in the sport. The world belongs to those who dare to do what you did for a long time, win and win pretty. Raise the head girl, she is a great champion of life and an inspiration to many around the world. Do not forget, we love you.

Silva is slated to have another crack in making a successful return to the octagon as UFC CEO Dana White said that he is arranging a rematch between him and a longtime rival, Vitor Belfort.

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