Anderson Silva Was Turned Down, Claims Michael Bisping

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Michael Bisping has been requesting to fight Anderson Silva for years and now his long cherished dream is finally going to take off on Feb 27 in London next year.

“I always wanted to show the world that I could beat Anderson and I know I can and I get to do that in February,” Bisping said according to a Fox Sports report.


Anderson Silva

And clearly when UFC President Dana White called Bisping and offered him a fight with Silva, Bisping didn’t hesitate for a second.

After all it was what he had always desired and wanted.

“When Dana called me and said the opponent had changed from Gegard (Mousasi) to Anderson (Silva), I was thrilled,” said Bisping.

However, during a media call conference on Tuesday Bisping claimed that he wasn’t the first person asked to accept the challenge against Silva.

Bisping revealed that the UFC originally offered the Silva fight to former middleweight title contender Vitor Belfort, who according to Bisping declined to take the matchup.

“Vitor Belfort turned the fight down. There you go,” said Bisping according to the Fox Sports report.

Silva originally defeated Belfort in 2011 with one of the most stunning knockouts in UFC history.

Belfort’s loss it seems is Bisping’s gain for he wanted to show the world that he can defeat the former ten time defending champion, Silva.

“Dana just called and said there had been some discussions internally at the UFC and they decided to change things around and do I want to fight Anderson? Of course, I didn’t even hesitate. I said yes immediately and that was that. All said and done. I’m a happy man.”

Bisping always wanted to put his name among the elite middleweight fighters and he hopes to achieve that by beating Silva.

“For me obviously, Anderson is, he’s a legend of the sport. He was a long time middleweight champion and he was a guy that I wanted to fight for a long time,” Bisping said.

“Of course, I wanted to fight him when he was the champion but this really for me is the biggest fight outside of a world title fight right now.”

“Anderson is still a massive name. He’s still a huge draw. I have a lot of respect for him as a fighter. I always wanted to test myself against him, I always knew I could beat him. For me, I’m very, very excited about this fight.”



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