Are we looking at CM Punk’s first opponent in the UFC?

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When Phil “CM Punk” Brooks announced that he is going to fight in the UFC, there had been mixed emotions on the pro-wrestler’s transition to MMA.

With the pro-wrestler’s popularity, many MMA fighers wanted to cash in Punk’s popularity and be the fighter that will give him a beating. Some just wanted to make a statement just because they consider that pro-wrestling is ‘fake’ and Punk will just stick with ‘acting’ instead of the real deal.

In the reality show created by UFC Ceo Dana White entitled “Dana’s looking for a fight”, White watched a fighter named Mickey Gall submitted this opponent easily for his first professional fight.

Gall was quick to tell White, “Hey Dana White, I don’t know if CM Punk has an opponent, but I would love to fight that man, CM Punk. Hey, CM Punk, I’m 1-0,” Gall shouted following his first professional victory.


Punk’s debut has been delayed due a shoulder injury and more critics are getting in the bandwagon that he does not belong in MMA.

One of them is fighter, Kenny Florian who commented on the fighter’s condition and assumed that Punk needs more time.

“Let’s talk about some of that time passing, this is what really concerns me because they said he was going to fight in 2015, he needs some time to train. Well, it hasn’t happened. I know he’s dealt with some other injuries and things like that but the fact that they say he’s not ready concerns me,” Florian said.

Punk’s coach Duke Roufus, was quick to defend his fighter on the much delayed MMA debut.

“I just left him at the gym and he had one of the best sessions he’s had in training so far,” Roufus told Sirius XM recently.

“I respect those guys a lot, they’re great analysts but they don’t see the work that we’re doing daily and fans, they’re going to find out some stuff this year about CM Punk.”

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