Bellator: Royce Gracie ‘I don’t like Ken Shamrock’

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After more than two decades, MMA’s first Superfight wants to make a comeback but Royce Gracie doesn’t seem to be interested in fighting Ken Shamrock.

One of the biggest reasons why is that Ken Shamrock lost his match against Kimbo Slice in his return to the MMA world.

“He shouldn’t even earn the title to fight me,” said Gracie.

“It should be Kimbo. He lost. I never saw a guy that lost try to climb back again over everybody. I will not fight Kimbo. He’s a friend of mine. But [Shamrock] lost. He should pack his bag and go home. He came back and kept bugging.”

Shamrock, who lost to Gracie in their first encounter and forced a draw on the second, still wants to score a win against Gracie after all these years. With Shamrock’s childlike actions, it irritated Gracie and it is one of the the many reasons why he doesn’t want to accept the fight.

“I don’t like Ken, because of the way he acts,” Gracie said.

“He could be a cool guy. It’s nothing to do with his technique. It’s just the way he acts. Acts like he’s the tough one, he’s the sh*t. He ain’t sh*t. Be a little more humble. Be humble, man. He’s one of those guys that’s not humble.”

Shamrock has been running through the media again that he and Gracie should fight once again. He claims that Gracie wanted to fight him, not him insisting a fight.

“I believe this with all my heart,” Shamrock said.

“Not that it takes away the pain or the sting or anything, but if I beat Kimbo, me and Royce aren’t fighting. Depending on how I look. But because I looked so bad going into that fight, all of a sudden Royce wants to fight. He didn’t want it before this, but now he wants it.”

The tables looked to be turned but Shamrock shown instead that Gracie should be honored to fight him.

“I’m not sure if he would have stayed retired,” Shamrock said, “but he wouldn’t have fought me.

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