Ben Askren doubts a Ronda Rousey comeback

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Ben Askren

There are high hopes for a Ronda Rousey comeback after her upset loss against Holly Holm last month, but ONE Championship’s Welterweight Champion, Ben Askren thinks that the defeat is too depressing to come back from.

“I think she bought into her own hype so much, that this was just so devastating,” Askren said during an interview in the MMA hour.

“It’s going to be hard to come back from.”

An undefeated fighter himself, he is quite aware that the same situation could happen to him. Askren takes pride that he researched on similar situations in history and is quite aware on what Rousey is facing.

“One of my favorite topics to read about my whole life has just been famous athletes, and a lot of those have been combat athletes,” Askren said. “Sometimes when you buy into your own hype that much and the bubble gets bursted, it’s hard to come back from.

Askren, who had his last two fights against Luis “Sapo” Santos ending in a unfortunate way, has been observing how Ronda has been reacting about the loss. He is quick to judge that Rousey should have handled the loss more maturely by acknowledging her defeat and facing the media properly.

In an uncertain future, Askren leaves it to Rousey to prove him wrong but when asked if Ronda is capable of coming back, he has his extreme doubts.

“I think I depends on the athlete, but with Ronda, the way she reacted, 100-percent, I would say you’ve got to put her against a few people who she could beat up pretty easy and then see what happens,” Askren said. “Because Holly beat her everywhere. I mean, Holly really had a great gameplan she executed, which, for us who know fighting, it was tough to predict because Holly didn’t look that great in all of her other fights. Whether it was her early fights or her UFC fights, she didn’t look that great. And then she just looked freaking amazing a couple weeks ago.”

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