NBA Draft: Ben Simmons called out by Tracy McGrady

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It looks like LSU’s Ben Simmons got off on the wrong foot with former player Tracy McGrady during a night out with other NBA legends.

Appearing on ESPN’s ‘The Jump’ on Friday, McGrady recounted that he and other past and current NBA legends like including Vince Carter and Bill Russell watched the Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers in a suite.

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NBA rookie prospect Ben Simmons of Louisiana State University and Karl-Anthony Towns of Minnesota Timberwolves were also present during the event.

McGrady praised Towns for being respectful and spoke and introduced himself to others that night, but he did not seem to think the same about the other draft present.

Without mentioning any name, McGrady said that there was another player who did not acknowledge anybody in the suite.

“There was one guy that just walked in there and acted like he didn’t know anybody,” said McGrady.

When ESPN’s The Jump host Rachel Nichols asked him who this player might be, McGrady still did not reveal a name, but said that everyone says that this player “might be the no. 1 pick.”

There’s a good chance that this player is indeed Ben Simmons unless Brandom Ingram was also present during the night.

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However, it seems like everything went well with Simmons, as he tweeted that he actually met Bill Russel that night.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/ Ben Simmons

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