Blackpool’s Nile Ranger Targeted By ‘Haters’ on Street?

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Blackpool forward, Nile Ranger, just got a taste from his so-called haters.

Nile Ranger’s £60,000 Mercedes turned into a wreckage after it was set on fire on the street.

The 24-year-old ex-Newcastle starlet took it to Instagram and posted a video of his car in flames early on Monday. With the alarms going off, before posting a picture of his much dismantled vehicle after the huge blaze.


Nile Ranger posted the video of his car burning on Instagram

It is not known if anyone set fire to the car but Ranger believes that he has been targeted and has blamed his “haters” for it, reports Mail Online.

Alongside the video of his car ablaze, Ranger wrote: “Who would do such a thing #Haters #insurance #thanksmate.”

He also captioned the picture of his dismantled car with a message probably directed to his haters: “LOL what a f****.”


Nile Ranger uploaded this picture of his Mercedes on Instagram after it was on fire in the street

Ranger who has not played for Blackpool since November 2014 is said to have ‘Power Ranger’ inscribed on the doors of his £60,000 Mercedes.


The car had ‘Power Ranger’ inscriptions

Ranger however, has a history of courting controversy outside the football pitch and has been involved in a series of incidents throughout his football career.

While he was playing for Swindon, he was found not guilty of a rape charge dating back to when he was at Newcastle. Not only this, the striker was also caught on camera breaking down the front door of his flat and violently confronting a woman during his Swindon tenure.

Ranger also served 11 weeks in a young offender institution while he was at Southampton after being involved in an armed robbery and was eventually sacked for stealing kit. He was just 15 then.

However, Ranger issued a public apology in September this year for his past behaviours and insisted that he was ready to be a good role model.

“I just want to take the time out to write this post as I feel like I need to get this of (sic) my chest.. I have seen 2 of my good friends pass away in a short space of time… Whilst over coming this it has made me realise life really is to (sic) short and have really been taking things for granted,” Ranger wrote in his apology according to a Mail Online report.

“I would like to use this opportunity to thank, Southampton, Newcastle, Swindon and Blackpool for giving me the chance to experience the dream of being a professional footballer.”

“To add to this I would like to apologise to everyone at these clubs, including management, players, staff and fans. I should have given more and been a better role model.”


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