Bob Hewitt news: Former tennis player granted bail

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Convicted ex-tennis player Bob Hewitt has been granted bail on Sunday in a high court in South Africa from his 6-year sentence for rape and sex assault.

Three women who Hewitt coached in the 1980s testified about him abusing them, and he was found guilty of one count of sexual assault and two counts of rape last year.

The judge of the high court criticized the police for arresting Hewitt before having his bail application heard, saying that they should have not interfered.

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Although Hewitt is free, he will have to apply to have his case heard on July, and if he loses his case, he will be immediately arrested.

His application to appeal his sentence was dismissed earlier this month, but his legal team is working on having the six-year sentence reduced.

Hewitt’s legal team has argued that he is not in good health and is pushing for a correctional supervision considering his age.

His legal team has also pointed out the timeframe of the case, emphasizing on the long time difference of when the offense was committed and when the trial began and the three  women testified for the case.

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The granting of bail and the arguments of Hewitt’s legal team did not make the Women and Men against Child Abuse organization happy, with Stacey Barbaglia, a lawyer on a watching brief, saying that Hewitt being granted bail is not just “Justice delayed is justice denied” case but was instead more of a “case of utmost injustice.”

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