Cathal Pendred retires from MMA

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Cathal Pendred

Cathal “The Punisher” Pendred just announced his retirement from competition via Twitter.

Here is the letter as transcribed by Fox Sports:

“I am a passionate person and I always give 100-percent to what I do. I have been passionate about MMA for a long time and my focus on the sport has been my driving force for the last nine years. I now find that my passion is no longer what it was and I feel that it is time for me to move on. I have other interests that I want to pursue. The time is right to close one door and open another. My love of MMA remains with me. I intend to maintain my involvement with the sport but I no longer wish to compete. I have developed as a person because of mixed martial arts, as I learned to cope with discipline and demands of the sport. MMA has made me a stronger person. This strength will carry through into other areas of my life, as I move onto pursue new goals. My participation in competing in MMA has come to an end, but my love for the sport has not. I will maintain my interest in the sport and continue to support my teammates as they follow their dreams.”

Pendred made his name known as the fighter who gained a lot of attention during the UFC: The Ultimate Fighter Season 19.

More recently, he had been known to be taking some shots from wrestler CM Punk, citing that Punk earns more per diems than Pendred earns in the UFC.

The “Punisher” suffered two consecutive losses, including a first round knock out defeat in the hands of Tom Breese in UFC Fight Night 76 and a split decision loss to John Howard in UFC 189. He will finish his MMA career with a 17-4 record.

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