Cavaliers 2015: Tristan Thompson Lowers Demands, Cavs Still Undecided

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Tristan Thomson has lowered his demands to $53 million in his contract which now spans over a period of three years. He had earlier raised his deal to $94 million for five years with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

League sources told ESPN that the Cavs have not yet confirmed any negotiations with Thompson. Cavs had earlier offered Thompson a $16 million a year contract for a span of five years, but Thompson is looking for a maximum gain which resulted in a $14 million gap between the their respective contract negotiations.

With both sides not budging from their offers, the negotiations remain virtually at a standstill since July.

Thomspon’s agent hints at short term negotiations with the Cavs for a period of one year but doubts any long term negotiations with the Cavs. If no deal is reached at the end of this week, Thomson might sign the one year qualifying offer of $6.9 million and become a unrestricted free agent by next year. Both parties had earlier negotiated on a $53 million offer but the Cavs refused to comment on any issues regarding their negotiations as Thompson still remains unsigned.

According to CBS Sports, the compromise is pretty good for both sides as “the Cavaliers will get the power forward who helped them get into the finals”. Thomson should look to get big rather than making big money is what the report says. This way he can still be part of the Cavaliers and also have the opportunity to become a free agent in two to three seasons.

Thompson expects that there should be a strong market for him next summer, when more than 20 teams are expected to have more than $20 million in salary-cap space. Thompson hasn’t missed a game in more than three seasons now and believes that he will get more offers that might average more than $20 million per year.

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