Chael Sonnen thinks Ronda Rousey is caused by media hype

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With all the fingers now being pointed, retired light heavyweight fighter Chael Sonnen comments that Ronda Rousey is just a circus act created by the media and he himself was carried on with the vision that Ronda is unbeatable.

“That division is still so shallow and so new and when the media got behind it, there was so much hype and belief,” Sonnen said on ESPN Radio

“It’s like anything else — and Dan, I’m not above this, either — when you hear something enough times, you start to think that it’s real.”

Sonnen went further and justified why everything was all hype with no substance.

“Things should become clear — after you see them,” Sonnen said.

“I wasn’t good at predicting this one, either. The thing with Ronda is she is created by the media. That was a media sensation. You did have a lot of fighters coming out and saying, ‘I want a Ronda Rousey technique video, because I want to learn those skills.’ She has great skills, but so does everybody else on the roster.”

A rematch with Holly Holm? Sonnen thinks that the results will be the same but the hype will once again cloud the minds of the spectators.

“When Dana White, our president, sinks his teeth into this and gets ready for a rematch, it’s going to be huge,” Sonnen said.

“It just will. I don’t think the reality of the outcome is going to be anything different than it was Saturday. That wasn’t a close match. That wasn’t a competitive match. That was a one-sided beating. But, as for the short term, they will do huge numbers for part two. Long term, every fighter’s career comes to an end. We thought that Ronda’s reign was going to be much longer than this.”

Now that the MMA world is hailing its new queen with Holly Holm, Sonnen thinks that she will have a difficult time overshadowing the hype that Ronda created for women’s MMA.

“I think that when one star goes out, another one is born,” Sonnen said. “I don’t think that Holly Holm — as great as she is physically — I don’t think she’s going to be able to transcend cultures like Ronda did. Ronda was a very unique personality. She’s very likeable, she’s very marketable. She does and says the right things. Holly is just a really kind and sweet person that’s a really good fighter. I think yeah, you are going to lose a little momentum.”


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