Check Out Who Just Challenged Conor McGregor And Called Himself ‘A Nightmare’

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Top ranked featherweight contender Frankie Edgar was promised a fight with Conor McGregor, which is yet to be fulfilled, after he knocked out Chad Mendes at The Ultimate Fighter finale in December. But it looks like Edgar is running out of patience now and is pulling all stops to provoke McGregor for a fight.

Edgar in desperation has gone ahead and claimed himself “a nightmare” for McGregor which is why McGregor is shying away from having a fight with him claims Edgar.


Frankie Edgar

According to FOX Sports report, Edgar claimed that McGregor is reluctant to fight him: “I think it very well could be just how I match up with him,” Edgar said.

“We’ve seen him deal with wrestling of Chad and I feel like my wrestling’s just as good if not better than Chad’s and on the ground I have great top control and great ground and pound and I can do it forever.”

“I really think I’m a nightmare for him. I don’t know if that’s keeping him away. Prove me wrong. Prove all the doubters wrong. Stroke that ego a little bit.”

Edgar has been on a winning streak lately and he put down Mendes in less than five minutes at The Ultimate Fighter finale. However, the tag of being the ‘undisputed king’ was seized from him when McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo within 13 seconds into the game to become the undisputed featherweight king of UFC.

However, immediately after the fight McGregor expressed his desire to move to the lightweight division and since then talks have persisted that he may face Rafael dos Anjos next instead of Edgar.

According to Edgar though, he is the worthy opponent and believes that stakes for his match with McGregor are just as high. Referring to his title fight with Benson Henderson in 2012-which he believes he never actually lost, FOX Sports reports Edgar saying, “I was the lightweight champion and I felt I never really lost that belt. Now he’s the featherweight champion and he wants to go up to lightweight. It just makes sense.”

“Conor’s hearing it. It’s all over Twitter people telling him that I’m a tough matchup and Conor’s got an ego.”

“I’m hoping his ego wants to prove everybody wrong and that he is better than me. I want to prove everybody right.”

Confident that he will beat McGregor, Edgar said: “I want to fight for that title and I want to fight Conor next. I don’t want him to go up to 155, I don’t want him to come back and fight me. I want to fight him next.”

“I don’t want him to go up and vacate the title and I fight for the vacant title because I want to fight the guy that has the title.”

“I think I’m the guy to beat Conor. I think our styles match up really well for me.”

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