Chris Webber to teach graduate class at Wake Forest

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From the basketball court to the classroom.

Former NBA All-Star Chris Webber adds a new entry to his resume: teacher.

Wake Forest University announced Monday that it has hired Webber to teach a course in its new Master of Arts in Sports Storytelling program, according to an earlier report by the Associated Press.

Webber will be a professor of practice, to teach a course on sports, race, and society for the two-year program – as part of the university’s film program in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

The said program will be held in downtown Winston-Salem’s Brookstown area. Webber will be the moderator of many of the events that will focus on bringing the university closer to the community through discussions on class, culture and race, according to the statement released by Wake Forest.

“I’m excited to bring real-life experience to the program,” Webber said in a statement released by the university. “Sports are my passion and telling stories about sports is my new career.”

Chris-Quote-Landscape-1024x576Webber’s involvement to the program stems from his connection with the Oscar-nominated director, producer, and cinematographer Peter Gilbert, a professor in the school’s documentary film program who also produced the 1994 critically acclaimed documentary, “Hoop Dreams.” In 2012, they formed the Webber Gilbert Media Group, a multimedia production company that produces feature films and documentaries focusing on the intersection of sports, culture and society.

The two-year MA in Sports Storytelling will provide students the needed skills to produce long form documentaries, short films, and website projects through the following:

Storytelling skills courses in writing, editing, directing, and cinematography taught by seasoned award-winning filmmakers.
• Challenging coursework, taught by Webber and distinguished Wake Faculty members, that explores the social and cultural role of sports in society.
• Conversations with influential speakers on issues of class, culture and race. Webber will moderate many of these discussions.
• Educational and professional experiences with local and regional sports teams and organizations.
• Internships at local, regional and national sports media and sports communication companies.

Webber was part of Michigan’s “Fab Five” for two seasons during the early 1990s. In his 15 seasons as an NBA power forward, he made five All-Star teams and is currently a game analyst and color commentator for Turner Sports.

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