Cleveland bans Hoverboards at home arena

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The Cavaliers does not exactly have the best record this season so far, but they surely can balance work from play.

According to a report by Chris Haynes of, the team is not allowing the use of motorized scooters anymore inside the arena after a management meeting.

That’s right, Cavs team members will have to enter and exit the venue the “normal way.”

The verdict with regards to the hoverboards came when the season started. Management thinks players are not focused and are just having fun if they continue to use them at the Quicken Loans Arena.

“We were just making sure everybody is doing the right thing and having the right goals in their heads,” said Sasha Kaun of the Cavaliers.

According to a report by

Those Hoverboards some players cruised around on through the corridors of The Q during The Finals and during preseason play, the organization banned them from the arena, was informed.

Also, that meeting caused some players to spruce up their pregame and postgame attire. James, Tristan Thompson and Mo Williams consistently lead the charge in the fashion department. They take pride in what they wear while at work.

“I think it starts with how you dress off the court,” Thompson told “This is a billion-dollar business. When the front-office people come to the games, they come in suits, or slacks, or dress shirt or nice-cut jeans. I think it’s the same way with us. Just because we’re the guys that put the jerseys on, doesn’t mean we can’t clean up nice. At the end of the day, you’re a professional and you have to represent yourself.

J.R Smith will have to keep his hoverboard out of the limelight for now as it appeared to be as a distraction according to management.

It was Lebron James who ignited the meeting that set up the plans and laid out the cards for the team. After all, as a leader, he had every right to address the hits and misses of their team in their on-going campaign.

He questioned the team’s commitment and professionalism.

The Cavaliers hold a 13-4 record, and are currently at the top of the Eastern Conference. The ‘King” just made a move as to why he earned his monicker. After all, he’s just after the welfare of the team and this good run so far this season.

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