Conor McGregor hits the beach ahead of his fight with Jose Aldo

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Conor McGregor beach workout

Conor McGregor’s preparation for his UFC 194 featherweight title fight with Jose Aldo is in full swing.

He has been put through an intense session at his training camp on a Los Angeles beach on Tuesday morning.


McGregor prepares for his December 12 fight with Aldo at an LA beach

The Irish fighter showed off his tattoos on Instagram after being put through his paces as he pretended to be stood above Aldo and wrote: “Wake up Jose. It’s all over.”


McGregor pretended to stand above Aldo in this Instagram photo and wrote: “Wake up Jose. It’s all over”

McGregor will meet UFC’s pound-for-pound great in Las Vegas on December 12 and has been training for the same in LA to acclimatise himself to the conditions ahead of the title bout.

The pair were to meet in July but the Brazilian born Aldo pulled out of the fight and since then the 27-year-old has repeatedly raised doubts whether Aldo will turn up to the MGM Grand for the fight or not.

According to McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh if Aldo turns up for the fight on December 12, the fight would be done and dusted within 60 seconds.

“I’ve said from the start that I can see this being a two-round fight,” Kavanagh wrote in the latest column on The 42.

“Yet another part of me can see it being over in 60 seconds.”

“But we give respect where it’s due because Jose Aldo has been the champion for a long time.”

“He’ll probably try to slow the pace down and initiate some grappling exchanges.”

“However, with Conor’s fight IQ and the manner in which he can read situations, even if Aldo comes out with a completely new style and approach, it won’t take Conor long to work it out.”

“It’s almost like The Matrix, in that he sees a new problem which is being presented, downloads the correct response from his brain and then executes the plan.”

Speaking at an interview for Irish website Severe MMA, McGregor said: “I’ll be there.”

“I have made it. I have put myself through an intense training camp.”

“I’m gonna go and enjoy that beach weather, get that Vitamin D and make it to fight night.”

“Who cares if he’s there or not, I’ll be there. I hope he’s there, but I don’t know.”

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