Conor McGregor insults Rafael dos Anjos, calls him ‘Gringo’ and ‘sloppier version of Aldo’

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The UFC 197 press conference was a heated affair with barbs coming from everywhere. Conor McGregor who arrived more than one half-hour late at the press meet, left no stone unturned to slam his opponent Rafael dos Anjos.

The lightweight title fight to be held on March 5 at UFC 197 has already become the talk of the town with McGregor slamming Dos Anjos at every opportunity. Even at the press meet, McGregor hardly allowed Dos Anjos to speak, cutting his sentences midway, reports MMA Junkie.

Dressed in colourful patterned blue shirt and wearing sunglasses, the featherweight champion who defeated Jose Aldo in 13 seconds at UFC 194, called Dos Anjos a “free-TV fighter” who needed help booking a hotel room for a promotional tour in his native country.

Calling McGregor a “smart guy”, Dos Anjos didn’t over react to McGregor’s trash talk and instead said: “He doesn’t want to fight for his featherweight belt on the line, because then he loses, he doesn’t have anything.”

McGregor, it seems couldn’t digest Dos Anjos statement and quickly hit back saying, “I see a gazelle up here, limping. I see an old gazelle.”

McGregor repeatedly brought back his previous taunt that Dos Anjos is a “traitor” to his country, Brazil. Taking jabs at Dos Anjos’ Brazilian heritage and American residency, McGregor said: “This guy, in Brazilian lingo, is a gringo, and that’s the truth.”

“Why are your kids’ names Bob and Donald? Why don’t you trust in your people? You’re going back to Brazil to answer that question.”

Dos Anjos on his part defended himself saying that “the whole world has American dreams” and non-Americans residing there don’t “deserve to be called traitors.”

McGregor however, is not the one to take things lying down. Stating that he will “dust” Dos Anjos “inside in under one minute”, he called Dos Anjos the “sloppier version of Jose Aldo.” McGregor also boldly declared that he is fighting for Brazil and will behead Dos Anjos on March 5.

“On March 5, I will behead Rafael dos Anjos, I will drag his head through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, through a parade of people, I imagine. It will become a national holiday, I imagine. But it’s simply a sign of recognizing who’s true and who’s not,” McGregor said.

“I’ll send him back home to California,” McGregor added.

Photo/Video courtesy: UFC Full Fight/Highlights

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