Real Madrid stars Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodriguez may miss Rio 2016 Olympics

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Both Real Madrid star players Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodriguez may miss the 2016 Rio Olympics set to happen at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in August 2016.

Ronaldo, 31, and Rodriguez, 24, are both qualified to be picked as over-age players for the Rio Olympics, but may also need to join in representing their countries for different tournaments, with Ronaldo for Portugal in the Euro 2016 in France, and Rodriguez for Colombia in the Copa America in the U.S.

There is no official announcement about Ronaldo’s  decision  yet, and Rui Jorge, Portugal’s Olympics coach, mentioned in Lance that they have not decided yet if they are going to use the 3 players of the team who are above 23 years old. He also stated that it may be possible for Ronaldo to be not in the Olympics as he is one of the best players in the world and his contributions will be much-needed in any club or national team.

On the other hand, Colombian FA president Ramon Jesurun has mentioned in Marca that Rodriguez has already decided during his meeting with the coaching staff of the Colombian  Olympic team and has chosen to join the Colombian team for Copa America.

He said that the Colombian Olympic team will strengthen when coach Carlos Restrepo chooses 3 players older than 23 years old, and that James’ decision is ” absolutely respectable and understandable.”

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ James Rodriguez

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