Daniel Cormier: Ronda Rousey “needs a year off”

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When Holly Holm defeated Ronda Rousey for the UFC’s women’s bantamweight championship, a lot have doubted the win and even put Rousey on higher odds if there would be a rematch.

UFC lightweight champion Daniel Cormier sees things differently and expressed that Rousey was totally outclassed by Holm. Cormier advised Rousey that they should take time – about a year – before thinking of fighting Holm again.

“Holly Holm looked like a world-beater on Saturday,” said Cormier.

“Going forward, they’re talking about an immediate rematch for Ronda Rousey? The improvements Ronda needs to make will take much longer than the six-month break she’s anticipating. She needs a year or so. I would actually not fight her back again, if I was Team Rousey.”

Once the bell rang, Cormier saw that Holly Holm prepared really well for the fight of her life.

“There was never a second in that fight were you thought Holly Holm was in trouble,” said Cormier.

“She took one big left hook in the first round, but from the start of the fight, from that first straight left hand that just tagged Ronda and her chin touched her shoulder, I was like, ‘Oh boy.’ Your chin is not supposed to touch the back of your shoulder and Ronda’s did four times on Saturday night.”

Cormier also agrees that Rousey is the biggest crowd draw right now in the world of mixed martial arts and is the best person to fight in a huge stage in Australia. However, Cormier slightly blames that the fight being done overseas affected Rousey’s game.

“We could not have sent anyone else to Australia to a 70,000 seat arena and sell 55,000 seats,” Cormier said of Rousey. “You’re the biggest star so a lot of that responsibility falls on your back of taking the organization and the sport into these new markets. With all the success comes responsibility.”


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