Derby defeat may get Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal sacked

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Derby defeat may get Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal sacked

Manchester United are due to face Derby County in FA Cup on Friday. Before the match United manager Louis Van Gaal sat at a pre-match press conference in which he showed his anger towards the press. The Dutchman went on to state that he could get sacked for the fourth time this season if he suffers a defeat.

He lambasted the media for already sacking him three times this season.

“Maybe then you have written the truth.” Van Gaal said, as reported by BBC.

The Dutchman went on to comment that the way media speculated of his resignation after the 1-0 defeat to Southampton was “awful and horrible”.

United are currently 10 points behind the Premier League leader Leicester City and five points behind fourth placed Tottenham Hotspurs. They have already been eliminated from the Champions League.

Van Gaal also said that the questions regarding his future were asked in a “disrespectful way” by the media.

“You make your stories and people believe it. I am concerned that they are believing it.” Van Gaal added.

Van Gaal reiterated that he has complete support of executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward and that support brought “more pressure” to fulfill expectations than that provided by the media.

The former Ajax, Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager is confident of his abilities and wants to see out his contract which extends for another season.

A lot of Manchester United supporters would remember that their legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson faced the same scenario during the start of his United career. Ferguson was under pressure having not won any trophies three years into his job. He was then pitted against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup third round in January 1990.

Media speculated that Ferguson could lose his job if he suffered a defeat against Forest. However, United won 1-0 and went to win the FA Cup. Ferguson went on to become English football’s most successful manager.

On being asked whether the same situation could happen to Van Gaal, the Dutchman’s reply was “Of course”.

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