Derrick Rose shrugs off sprained ankle

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With all the injuries that Derrick Rose had suffered for the past seasons – Fans and the Bulls management have become paranoid every time D-Rose takes a fall.

Against the Pacers, Rose once again confirmed that he sprained his left ankle during the fourth quarter while trying to prevent himself in going out of bounds that make him cross his steps in the process. Raising a lot of concern, Rose quickly downplayed the injury.

“I twisted it along the baseline … just a regular ankle sprain,” Rose said. “It throbs a little bit but nothing out of the norm, so I’m all right. Right now I just need to get treatment, have some ice on it a little bit. After this, just get off my feet and elevate it and put some more ice on it.”

dm_151116_Rev_1_Derrick_Rose_Injury267The scenario happened in the 5:53 mark in the final quarter and Rose was then replaced by by his backup point guard, Kirk Hinrich. Rose never returned to the game after that.

“All of it’s positive,” Rose said. “For what I went through and all I’ve been through, just me playing and feeling all right after the game. Of course, my ankle’s a little bit sore, but I’m just happy nothing’s tore or broken. So I’ll be all right.”

Despite the scare, the Bulls were able to pull out an exciting win against the Pacers with 96-95. Rose finished the game with 23 points with 6 rebounds and 2 assists in 34 minutes of game play.

The Chicago Bulls Head Coach, Fred Hoiberg reconfirmed that Rose was not looking good as he described what he saw in the locker room.

“He was limping around in the locker room,” coach Fred Holberg said. “We don’t know how severe it is. We will find out more tonight.”

The Bulls face the Suns this coming Wednesday with no assurance that Rose will be available to play after a few days of rest.

“Who knows?” Rose said. “Right now, I’m able to walk on it. That’s a good thing.”

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