Did Arum make the right decision on Pacquiao-Bradley? See reactions

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In choosing among Adrien Broner, Amir Khan, Terrence Crawford and Timothy Bradley – did Top Rank Promoter, Bob Arum made the right decision on choosing another match with Bradley for Pacquiao’s last match? Did people want to see another Bradley match?

Arum was quick to defend the ‘unpopular’ decision that sent a lot of debate – and even sadness – among boxing fans who think Amir Khan is the best decision among the candidates.

“What [HBO] said was how Amir Khan didn’t resonate with them at all,” Arum explained to the Las Vegas Review Journal as reported by BoxingScene.com

“Yeah, he would do some pay-per-view business in England, but they didn’t think he was an attraction in the United States.”

Furthermore, Arum looked at the income potential of the fight instead of the challenge that Khan can give to Pacquiao.

“We all gave [Pacquiao] an input,” Arum said.

“From the cable companies, the satellite providers, MGM, it was about who is the strongest opponent from a marketable standpoint, and we outlined everything for him and we were down to three choices and [Pacquiao] thought Bradley was the one that made the most sense.”

Adrien Broner on the other hand took his feelings in his twitter account that Arum was greedy on choosing Bradley over him.


What makes it more controversial is that Bradley’s former trainer, Joel Diaz, was one of the critics about the fight.

“The reason why Pacquiao is choosing him is because (Bradley) can’t hurt him,” said Diaz to The Desert Sun as reported by BoxingScene.com

“If Pacquiao chooses Bradley, he will knock him out this time. People don’t want to see that fight again,” added Diaz.

“Tim Bradley always comes prepared for a fight. It does’t matter who it is, Tim Bradley always prepares really well. If you tell Bradley that he’s going to face a guys with 50 losses, and that it’s a sure win, he’s still going to prepare 100 percent.  But I didn’t see anything different in Bradley (against Rios). The only thing he was doing (differently) was he was moving side-to-side, side-to-side. At this point in his career, he’s already a made fighter. You cannot teach old dogs new tricks, you can just help him improve on what he knows.”

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