Djokovic sets sights on Olympic glory

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Not content with this Grand Slam domination, Novak Djokovic recently said that the trip to Rio de Janeiro would be one of his top priorities next year as he looks to add an Olympic gold medal to his vast collection.

The world number one Djokovic has started planning next season’s schedule and the Olympics is marked as a major target.

In an earlier report, the Serb said he is mulling skipping the second round of the Davis Cup, which will take place between Wimbledon and the Olympics. Djokovic was good for a bronze medal in the Beijing Games in 2008.

“Everybody is looking forward to being part of the Olympic Games. I’m not an exception. I really would love to be part of the Olympic Serbian team,” he told reporters at the Shanghai Masters this week.

“That’s definitely one of the highlights and one of the priorities of the next season, is to try to get a medal for my country. I’m going to do everything I can possibly to achieve that.”

The tennis world’s top man failed to get on the podium in 2012 when he bowed to Andy Murray in the semifinals and was bested in the bronze medal match by Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro.

“The way it looks now, I would be surprised if many top players would play that second round (of the Davis Cup). But, again, you never know,” said Djokovic.

“I mean, Davis Cup is also an important competition for us because it’s the only official team competition we have in our sport. Again, between Olympic Games and Davis Cup, I think there is logical conclusion what the player is going to choose, but you never know.”

Also this week, Djokovic has been vocal about his desire to break Roger Federer’s Grand Slam record.

Breaking Roger Federer’s record of 17 Grand Slam titles is his fuel to keep his desire of lengthening his stay at the top of the rankings burning. He currently holds 10.

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