Kevin Durant back with a vengeance after hamstring injury

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Kevin Durant back from hamstring injury
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It was as if he was never sidelined for two weeks due to a hamstring injury.

Kevin Durant played for 30 minutes and finished with 27 points as the Thunders shut down the lights on the Utah Jazz, 111-89 on Monday night.

Durant went 10-of-13, as he spiked it with six rebounds, four steals and one block.

He was not able to suit up last Sunday against Dallas, but was positive that his return was just around the corner.

“When I was ready to get back on the court physically, I was there putting my work in, making sure my body was ready, my fundamentals were right,” said Durant.

“I just have that mindset that, no matter what, I just pick up where I left off.”

That injury he suffered last Nov 10 was his first career hamstring injury after a series of foot surgeries last season.

Thunders Coach Billy Donovan said, they were not in a rush to have Durant back, as they did not want to take any chances.

“The last thing you want with a hamstring injury is for it to be a prolonged thing to deal with. We’re still in the early stage of the season, so we wanted him to recover completely and feel good.”

Donovan also noted that the medical staff really felt the incredible progress Durant made over the last couple of weeks.

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