Exclusive: Benson Henerson to Join One FC? CEO Victor Cui Considers Getting MMA Star

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With UFC’s Benson Henderson declaring that he will test the free agency market, one of the the probable destinations for the lightweight fighter is Asia’s top MMA promotion, One Championship.

Sportsrageous.com had a chance of talking to CEO Victor Cui to confirm if they would be after the hottest free agent in the world of MMA today.

As Cui stated, Henderson has not talked to anybody yet in the One Championship circle but he has to wait for the exclusivity period to lapse before doing so.

“Anybody that works close in the sports industry that when an athlete comes off (as a free agent) whether if its football, tennis, golf… as you come at the end of the contract there is an exclusivity period. He (Benson Henderson) hasn’t really talked to anybody.”

Cui also said that if they would like to reach out to Henderson, it would be easy since One Championship’s Matt Hume has connections with Henderson.

“Our Vice-President, Matt Hume talks to several people in his camp – not necessarily about him – but it’s just a small community,” said Cui.

Cui had the privilege to see one of Henderson’s fights while the UFC was visiting Japan where he scored a win over the #1 featherweight contender today – Frankie Edgar.

The One FC VP shared, “He is a talented athlete. I remember when I watched one of his fights in Japan, that was a great fight.”

With the Asian blood lineage of Benson Henderson, it is probably most logical that the fighter might look for a chance to fight for the Asian audience to which Victor Cui agrees.

“I think he is really an exciting athlete that Asians could probably fall in love with since he is half-Korean. He has got Asian roots.”

If ever One Championship would manage to snag the free agent fighter, he would be in a collision course with the undefeated Ben Askren for championship match which promises to capture the world of MMA’s attention.


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