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Female powerlifter pukes during lift, Watch Video

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female powerlifter

A female powerlifter has gone ahead and did the unthinkable.

Powerlifting needs quite a lot of energy, hard work and dedication.

But this female powerlifter has beaten the odds and didn’t let anything harm her spirit.

As reported by FOX Sports, Instagram user BlondeBeautyBri posted a video of her doing a deadlift during competition.

Posting a video is not a big deal. But wait for the suspense.

Instagram user BlondeBeautyBri was all pumped for her lift. But that was until she lifted and began throwing up infront of the judges.

Yes, you read that right.

The female powerlifter began throwing up right in the middle of the lift.

And that’s not all. By the looks of it, it appears that the judges might have also got a taste of it.

Don’t believe us? Check the video below.

However, she is to be applauded in the true sense.

She not only finished her lift and not freak out, but afterwards responded like a true champion to the whole incident.

The incident quickly became a joke on social media. Some even called it gross and criticised her.

But the powerful female powerlifter chose not to run and infact posted an inspiring message for all powerlifters. And just like that she won our hearts with one single message.

She wrote: “no I’m not embarrassed nor ashamed of this I’m actually proud of myself for not giving up like most lifters would! So many people are saying so many things like its “gross” “nasty” “chicken dance” whatever yes it’s gross and nasty and yes I like to do the chicken dance to pump my legs before my lift but at the end of the day I still got my final attempt deadlift and I wouldn’t change anything at all. For people who don’t understand powerlifting and the passion we as powerlifters train long and hard, beat our bodies up for 1 day on the platform and a total of 9 lifts you better believe after I covered the judge in vomit there was no way I wasn’t going to get my lift. So to any lifters who have ever done any of the powerlifting trifecta on the platform (pee, puke or poop) keep on lifting because you trained way too hard for any of that to stop you!!”

She also posted one meme to her Instagram account.

She truly rocks.

Now that’s called a true champion.

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