For Andy Murray, the show must go on

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Even the hair-raising terrorist attacks in Paris last week could not shackle Andy Murray, who will be playing in the Davis Cup final in Belgium.

The venue will be at Ghent next week, a good three-hour drive from Paris. Tighter security measures are expected as they anticipate for the first final there since 1978. Belgian police already made several arrests in Molenbeek, a suburb of Brussels in connection with the on-going investigations on the Paris attacks.

Security will also be tighter than the usual at the venue, according to The International Tennis Federation.

But for the Tennis sensation, they must not succumb to fear. In the post-match press conference, Murray said,

“Everybody right now is concerned about things. But I do think the best thing that we can do is to live our normal lives, not change too much, because then the terrorists are the ones that are winning.”

Murray beat David Ferrer in his World Tour Finals opener last Monday.

For the International star, the best thing we can do is go through out usual routine without changing, as fear will eventually change us into someone we are not.

A tennis court will always be Murray’s arena. The Tennis star does not want to live his life in fear every time he steps on a tennis court. He is bent to do whatever’s expected from him, without limitations, without fear.

Murray was a bit frustrated with the delays Great Britain faced when they had to find out whether Aljaz Bedene will have the green light to feature against Belgium.

It has been months since the start of the process, and that almost got in the way of the Davis Cup final.

“That isn’t his fault that it took quite some time. It is also not his fault that it’s 10 days before the final. If he wins, his appeal and be allowed to play, and then if I’m the captain, I’d surely pick my strongest team to try and win it.”

Bedene had the first appeal to become eligible for Leon’s Smith’s team rejected in May even though he already obtain U.K citizenship in March.

“But that’s Leon’s decision. That’s what he’s paid to do. He’ll make the right choice and give us the best chance to win.”





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