Fury open to a Klitschko rematch

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Tyson Fury-Vladimir Klitschko-rematch

Newly crowned Heavyweight Champion, Tyson Fury has already in sight the next fight that he would take. He emphasized that he couldn’t care less whoever he is fighting but the important thing for him is to fight again the soonest.

“I’m a fighter, so I will take on all challengers. I want to be a great champion. I’d like to do it all again. I came here and took the world titles so whatever happens next is a blessing,” said Fury.

For Fury, aside from that he will face anyone, also emphasized that he is willing to go anywhere to fight again.

“To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me where I fight. If you say I’m fighting in Japan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, America, wherever it has to be, it has to be.”

In reports, it has been said that Fury fought an unprepared Klitschko and it would be great to see Wladimir prepare better for this fight. A thought that Fury also welcomes and that he is willing to accept the challenge and favored Germany to host again the fight.

“I’d like to come back to Germany again to fight Wladimir. I’ve enjoyed it. I got a great reception from the German fans. The German people really did show me some love and I just hope I entertained them.”

Rest assured that Fury is all-in on the rematch and promises the fans that there will be one. It is just a matter of time.

There will be a rematch. It is still early and I have to process things but there will definitely be a rematch. I was well prepared for this fight but he was quick for his height. I never believed he would do it but he did. I was lacking speed and he was quick. I just could not find the right distance. His reach bothered me. I tried it but it just did not happen.

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