Gilmour Academy thrashes opponents 108-1 in a High School Playoff Game

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Gilmour Academy (Gates Mills, Ohio) Lancers delivered a master class and proved why they are the No. 1 seed by thrashing Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School (Cleveland), 108-1 in the Ohio Division III semifinal game.

The score completely highlights the proceedings of the game. The game was over from the start itself. Lancers took a lead of 72-1 in the first half.

Generally, when a game is a blowout, the team on the receiving end causes an outrage. However, nothing was seen and Gimour Academy was also responsible for it. They took their foot off the gas in the second half (36-0).

“Our intent was not to run anything up, and we took steps to not disrespect our opponent.” Bob Beutel, Lancer’s coach said to Cleveland.com.

Blowouts are a part of high school basketball playoffs. Quite often we see a team completely dominating the other. It has to be noted that at the OHSAA bracket, one can frequently see scorelines reading 107-30 and 90-23.

Gilmour Academy will now face the Wicklife (Ohio) Blue Devils. For the sake of good competition, we all hope that the match will be more competitive than their last game.

Picture courtesy: twitter.com/FirstClass_Z

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