Goran Ivanisevic to train Mike Tyson’s daughter; Check details

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Goran Ivanisevic was recently in Los Angeles when TMZ caught him and showed him a video of Mike Tyson’s daughter. Now, Mike Tyson maybe a boxing legend but his 7-year-old daughter Milan is certainly a tennis fan.

Ivanisevic is a former Wimbledon champion so he recognizes talent undoubtedly. He currently coaches Croatian star Marin Cilic. Cilic won the 2014 US Open Championships.

So, when TMZ showed him the video of Milan playing tennis, he immediately said that she plays good. He also advised her to keep on practicing.

“She looks good man,” he said.

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Not only that,Ivanisevic also said he is willing to coach her one and a half hours a day.

That should be huge relief for Tyson if a person of Ivanisevic’s stature himself says that he wants to train Milan. But only if Mike and Milan are willing to make a short trip to Croatia.

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